On the application you will be able to self-report your GPA, and you will be asked to upload scanned Unofficial Transcripts. The average GPA of incoming students enrolled for the last three years was: The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Admissions Timeline. The University of Washington and the Allen School reaffirm their policy of equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran in accordance with University policy and applicable federal and state statutes and regulations. The Paul G. Allen School is unable to grant exceptions or make decisions concerning these requirements. With this small number of transfer spots open, we recommend the strongest candidates for admission present proof of a high school diploma or equivalent and proof of a high level of academic success at their current institution. Your transcript should show mostly A's. 2. Credit Requirements. No changes can be made to this section once it is completed. Preferential considerations is given to applicants who have had employment or volunteer experiences in the schools, Pre-K-12. Scores will be delivered electronically to your online application (You can check for your scores by going to your Application Status Page > Tests section. Please only list their full first and last name, and double-check for typos before submitting. 1. The competition for admission to the Allen School's Ph.D. program is keen. Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering | All Rights | Privacy | Terms. PhD Examinations. Formal request to continue on to doctoral study. These criteria include the completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher, a 3.0 GPA (GPA Calculating Assistance) in the latest two years (aka 60 semester or 90 quarter credits), and English Proficiency. Paul G. Allen Center, Box 352350 3. requirements before entering the Ph.D. program. Because of the rich array of clinical and research training opportunities available to our students (plus the attractiveness of Seattle)… ... read our admission requirements, ... Students who are enrolled in other graduate programs at the University of Washington and who also want training in mathematics. There are exemptions options provided, please contact the Graduate School if you believe you are exempt. While many students earn the M.S. Review the University of Washington faculty list and contact directly faculty who are working in various areas that interest you. The online application process for the Allen School’s Computer Science & Engineering Ph.D. program opens annually on Sep 1. To better understand our application process, please review the admissions deadlines and requirements detailed below. Minimum Admission Requirements. A bachelor's degree from an accredited US institution A score of at least 26 on the speaking section of the TOEFL-iBT or 7.0 on the speaking section of the IELTS. There are no minimum GPA requirements established by the Information School. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies judges the more specialized requisites and will insist that applicants hold at least a bachelor's degree or its equivalent, with a major (or equivalent study) in Spanish. At least 18 credits  of course work at the 500 level and above must be completed before scheduling the General Examination. Written examinations, a course syllabus, and an oral, comprehensive General Examination, based on reading lists prepared under the guidance of the student's doctoral supervisory … in Psychology on the way to their Ph.D., we do not admit students in our Ph.D. program whose goal is a terminal Master's degree. If you have technical questions about the application, or problems that arise when using the application system, then The Graduate School would be your best point of contact. In response to current restrictions created by the COVID-19 health crisis, the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering will temporarily waive the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) requirement for Ph.D. admissions during the 2020-21 academic year. Directions, Student Services: Faculty and staff will be teleworking and available via email. The student and advisor do not have to become "permanent" fixtures in each other's career until after the student's Qualifying examination. Courses in electricity and magnetism, optics, mechanics, atomic and nuclear physics, statistical physics, quantum mechanics, mathematical physics, differential equations, and analysis are essential. Admission requirements Previous academic preparation An undergraduate or master's degree in materials science and engineering, or in a relevant field of study such as another engineering major, physics or chemistry, is required. Visit our contact page for more information. Minimum Math Requirements All applicants to the MS and PhD program should have the equivalent of approximately 30 or more quarter credits in mathematics and statistics, which must include: approximately three semesters or four quarters of calculus, which must include multivariate calculus one course in linear algebra Deadline and specific program requirements may be found here.If you have any questions about applying, please contact the Office of Student Services at edinfo@uw.edu or phone (206) 543-7834.