logged-in user can follow other user. Expiration. Using Amazon S3 separates this task from your primary web server and can improve performance and simplify server management over time, especially around portability, scalability and upgrades. With so many user profile plugins available, not all will be good for you. We also need to create a form to make configuring the settings an easy process. Building Your Startup: Access Control, Active Record Relations and Slugs, Building Your Startup With PHP: Scheduling a Meeting, Imagine image manipulation library for PHP, Contact Details: the user's phone number and video conferencing addresses for virtual meetings, User Settings: to track the user's preferences within the application, Profile Images: to allow the user to upload a photo which we can use on meeting pages, User profile photo (path to a file they'll upload), Receiving reminders the day before a meeting, Receiving reminders in the days leading up to a meeting, Share contact details with meeting participants, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This code uses default form submit to post data to the PHP. For uploading images, we'll use Kartik's excellent file input widget. forgotPassword.php – display forgot password form. Building this feature is relatively straightforward. We also updated the navigation bar to include a link to the User Contact feature. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If you want to upload files using PHP like PDF, Zip, or other file types there are some restrictions on server also. The PHP code embedded with this HTML is for getting the user session and the user data from the database. When you click on the registered user it will then take you to the view_profile.php link and display the information on them; $link = "